born:               1955 in Wr.Neustadt, Austria
profession:       teacher, photographer, author, journalist
equipment:       used in the past:
Canon A1, Canon EOS 5, Canon EOS 1, Canon EOS D60, 10D
                        in recent use: 
                                                       Canon EOS-1D Mark II N, LUMIX FZ8, CASIO Exilim EX-Z120
                                                       Canon   20 - 35 / 3.5 Ultrasonic
                                              Canon   70 - 200 / 2.8L  IS  USM
Canon   24 - 70 / 2.8L USM

Canon Speedlight 550 EX
films used:                FUJI 400, 800, 1600
                                  KODAK GOLD 800
                                  AGFA VISTA 800
 for BW:                   KODAK TMAX 800 / 1600
experiences:        (.) 30+  years of concert photography
(.) cover photography for several CDs ,LPs, books
                           (.) photos in mags: JAZZWISE, JAZZZEIT, GUITAR, DROME, Concerto ...
                          (.) music journalism for more than 20 years
                          (.) web-journalism, web-design

hobbies:             having my photographs signed by the artists, collecting's
                           still a high four digit number..., spending time in London as often as 
                            possible (...I'd better move there one day...), Italian cuisine...I'm
                            a disciple of Antonio Carluccio, writing cookery books for school
                            use... there are two on the market by now... and I wish the day had
                            forty hours...!

fav musician:       there are far too many to mention here; but just to name a few:
                            Frank Zappa, Van Morrison, Neil Young, Madonna (yes, I do!),
                            George Clinton and all the funky dudes, but I also like Steve Vai,
                             Billy Jenkins and all the jazz family and blues & soulmen ...
                             so, it's really hard to decide... anyway, you got an impression of 
                             my taste...

best concert:        another hard decision! I've seen about 5000+ concerts so far. I
                             suppose, the best were the ones where I didn't work... I really 
                             enjoyed Frank Zappa (16x), Bruce Springsteen, U2, Billy
                              Jenkins (he is truely "fantastic") and Madonna (of course!) - 
                              I wish I could focus my lenses at one of her shows... hey,
                              gimme a chance!

...sometimes even I get in front of a camera....