Local Heroes from Wr.Neustadt

Arabian Waltz - Herget-Filz-Finkel   
Backdoor Bluesband -
the local Blues legend
Bates Ultd. - it's a pitty they don't play anymore
Blue Spirit -
another Helmut Berger project
Blood Sucking Zombies From Outer Space - very unique kinda cyber-billy chainsaw massacre band  
Blood Sucking Zombies From Outer Space -
CD-cover photo shooting 
Crazy Hauer Big Band -
Hauer Conservatory Big Band - students / Hans Czettel 
Darkside - Wr.Neustadt's most successful international Metal export
Dead Shrimps - one of  Dr."Blues" Samek's side projects in the past...
Deaf James  -
Mr. Gerold "Miller" Kornmüller on bass ... 
Deluca - "THE VOICE" from Pernitz & Stefan "The Guitarslinger" Holubeck with great band ...
Eleven Concert Band -
plays the music of Charles Mingus ... Hauer Conservatory teachers & guests
Face To Face - Cats & Camels -
an early band of guitar virtuoso Gerald Gradwohl
Four Front -
Andi Pirringer's brilliant jazz formations
Fortuna's Favourites -
rockin' newcomers 2004 
Gerald Gradwohl - SOLO - ROLAND DEMONSTRATION 2000
Gerald Gradwohl Group feat. Kirk Covington -
CD-Präsentation "ABQ" - Soundcheck 
Gerald Gradwohl Trio feat. JoJo Lackner & Farid Al-Shami -  Soundcheck/Backstage 
GPF - General Protection Fault - PR- & CDcover shooting 
Gerhard Warnung -
local "Rasta-Legend" - own projects and sideman with SUPERMAX
Hauer Conservatory Orchestra - the "FINEST" piece of art Wr.Neustadt has to offer...
Hauer Conservatory Orchestra - on tour with AL BANO CARRISI -
conducted by RAOUL HERGET
Hauer Conservatory Big Band feat. Byron & Joseph Bowie -
Defunkt Austria Big Band 
Helmut Berger - one of  the local "big" names in the scene - a true guitar virtuoso
Kickdown - the "young dudes" of town - loud, rough but excellent
Magic Sound - the legendary dance band - they even got gold and platinum awards
Pretty Overdosed - funky stuff with the legendary Zip Guns-guitar slinger Thomas Nosko  
Pretty Overdosed -
photo shooting - band pix - Cselley Muehle, Oslip - Oct.14, 2004 
Rentokill -
a so called "hard&heavy - Triebwerk-Band" 
Sector B - not playing anymore...
Seven Ages - Bernd Bechtloff's successful Pop-Folk formation
Spine Club - Ex-Members of Zip Guns, Sector B & United Love Affairs 
Staff -
winner of the "Popodrom"
Sultans Of Swing - guitar virtuoso Mario Machacek's ultimate Dire Straits Cover Band 
Swamp Chiefs - Poysy's legendary Cover Band - not existing anymore ...
The Dawn - quite successful band - split - but will have a comeback in 2003!
The Powergrade -
Gerald Gradwohl's new project -  
Threeo -
Gerald Gradwohl's masterpiece - Wr.Neustadt's most successful jazz formation ever!  
United Love Affairs - had a wonderful CD - but finally "went out of business"...
Unknown Pleasures - local HardRock legend ... not playing anymore ...
Zip Guns - "THE" ultimate legend of the scene - many ppl regret their split ...