haven't seen enough? These links will take you
                                    to the homepages of friends, musicians, venues and
                                    companies that feature my photographic artistry.

                         Please, visit their sites - you won't regret it!

                         Gerald Gradwohl (Threeo / Tangerine Dream / The Powergrade / Gerald Gradwohl Group)
                                 Serafina - a fantastic jazz combo with outstanding female vocalist !!!!
                                Richard Filz (Threeo)
                                 Billy Jenkins - a dear friend and one of the most creative musicians I know
Billy Jenkins Webzine
                                 Billy Jenkins Blues Collective
                                Four Front
                                Maceo Parker
                                Sandro Oliva (Grandmothers)
                                 Wiesen Festivals
                                Cselley Muehle
                                Concerto Magazine    
                               Otto Trapp  - Master of the didgeridoo
                                Deaf James  
                                Seven Ages - Wr.Neustadt's most successful pop-band 
                                 TRIAS Uhren - watches, genuine watches of the 60's and 70's, collector items
Musikertalk    - interesting site for musicians
                                    - cool site dealing with all the reggae dudes...
Guenter Pichler - a dinosaur of the Wr.Neustadt scene - a true guitar-virtuoso with international career
                                      - experimental search interface
                                    - young  and/or independent bands sell their CDs here - best deal u can get !